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CAM editorial team

Cambridge Academic Manuscripts offers a professional, confidential manuscript editing service run by academic scientists. Our Chief Editor is Prof Alan Tunnacliffe of the University of Cambridge, England. 

Prof Tunnacliffe has over 40 years experience of writing biology papers and has published in many science journals, including Science and Nature. His research is mainly in molecular genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, protein biochemistry, and biotechnology, but he has also published in  immunology, invertebrate biology, biosensors and wastewater biology. 

Prof Tunnacliffe can be contacted using the enquiry form.

Our Japanese Editor, Dr Tatsuya Yoshimi, provides a local point of contact for Japanese clients. Please email Dr Yoshimi if you have any questions about CAM or its editing service that you prefer to address in Japanese.

We also have a Chinese Editor, Prof Zebo Huang of Guangzhou, who can be contacted by Chinese clients for further information about our English language editing services.

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